Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cartoon Wars 3

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Cartoon Wars 3 is the latest release by Gamevil. This mobile game genres game interwoven quite nicely with the gamers category up-build and develop the army for the defense of the Castle. The most interesting point to mention of this game is the gameplay gamers into strange medium having the same pictures of the characters in a style the rods extremely interesting and very unique. Earn to die

Cartoon Wars 3 is based on the animated film of the same name known that so many people love. In part 3 of this still is a war between peoples and the evil Monster Rod persistent throughout many years. Players continue to enter the role as the Commander, the trainer and leadership of his army against the relentless attacks of the enemy.

This is their game with high tactical and allows you to build his army by the number of the resource property in a reasonable manner. Basically, players will prepare themselves for the kind of combat troops in various battles. Over time, destroy the enemy, then the system will increase the mana point and you need to use this score to appeal to different characters appear.

Understand this is basically a unit of currency in the battle and you need to use it to hire character. In addition, the main work of the player also had the defensive armament was fitted in and you can also upgrade them with the bonus after the victory. Cartoon Wars 3 is added to the many fascinating new game modes and challenging as Raids, Siege and Team Battles.
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