Friday, April 29, 2016

Dragon Island Blue

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In fun 20th birthday coming of Pokemon, in "Game or you may not yet know" today, I would like to introduce to you the Dragon Island Blue-a mobile role-playing adventure game with intense combat training process, the monster and the collective task. The game was inspired by the famous Nintendo's Pokemon game but there gameplay differences. While the gameplay of Pok√©mon is the process of coaching and comparison of financial people and pets with others in Dragon Island Blue again encourage you to beat the pet to you own them. Earn to die 

The storyline of Dragon Island Blue very familiar, you are inheriting a "something" very greatness from his father have distinct from many years ago, and you are a new baby Dragon hatches and is also your first pet. In addition you can also catch more monsters by "the cards", like Pokemon and this will become more simple if you know how to "do" enemy attrition before the acquisition. Earn to die 2

In addition, there is no surprise that you can use the power of the premium cards with coins to own any of the monsters that you like. The monsters have attacks as well as the strengths, weaknesses. The Monster will promoted after taking the fight and probably will come up "crisis" later on.

A new point that Dragon Island Blue is appreciated more than older brother Pokemon is it owns the grave tone, sound and more medieval. Also a point of progress is in the creation of the monster was a lot more simple design than the unusual wildlife of Nintendo. Besides paying attention to your Dragon the other animals there close and familiar as wolves, penguins, wasps and then new is the weird monsters and a bit more complicated. Joan the Mad Run 

Another point to note is that when you are too aggressive and disrespecting the opponent when not yet aware of them then you will have to himself a bitter defeat. But don't worry because you will not have to bear the losses too large for the foolish of you. You can return to the town that eventually you stop for "emergencies" for his monster and we will quickly recover.

Dragon Island Blue is an ambitious adventure game and extremely attractive. It attracted offers you the special abilities of the beast and the gameplay possibly calculate the long term, will bring us the emotions that Pokemon game has ever brought. If anyone is ever a fan of Pokemon then this title should not be ignored.