Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Forsaken World Mobile

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Forsaken World is a well-known online games on PC is developed by Perfect World with saturated illusory elements, and players will be a prerequisite task is to protect the world Eyrda, earth mother of Forsaken World, from the the dark forces are five bared threaten the peace here. earn to die

mobile version Forsaken World called Fedeen Games mobile is the company developed and successfully conveyed towards MMORPG with the most attractive points of the session PC predecessor version will be preserved. 

in this game, players can team up on mobile with your friends to join in exploring the dungeon, cave or new lands in the game. Not only that, it also helps a lot for you when faced with giant bosses fierce and strong. 

Besides, Fedeen Games is integrated into Forsaken World Mobile mounts a special feature "not in touch" with the familiar RPG other. Specifically, when players reach level 35 will unlock this feature. The difference here is that you will receive a Wolf souls to nurture it mature. Yasuo