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Wild Fire

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Wild Fire is a game online 3D MOBA has magical topics developed by the studio's Inception under the authority of the company NetEase. The game will have a modern design with the very action gameplay system has, the characters can fly free to attack the enemy on a background the beautiful graphics and especially will apply a new form that does not go towards MOBA tradition. Earn to die 6

The overall graphics of Wild Fire wear bright colors animated style, but not full theatrical style. In this experimental phase, the game has added new maps for 5vs5 mode, style night illusionism fancy and fun. Character design aspect is still the outstanding points in this game by diversity, who went are very personality, each detail expresses the characteristics of the shape of the nose, face, and arms move very smoothly. Earn to die 5

The game uses the mechanism of handling the mouse + keyboard, WASD to control the character move, the left mouse button to strike the average trader, right-click to use particular skills, F to sum/catch the enemy, SPACE to dodge the QER, to use other skills to Zhao.
With the characteristics of a game 3D MOBA, the game uses the camera viewing angle free true type TPS action, helping the player to observe every move clearly fight of character, feeling very experience already. The system of skills each character also has diversity, eye-catching development competition, can generate combos with fast paced, intense as are game console action.
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