Monday, May 23, 2016


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Yasuo is strong and hard to play general but should require a very high skill to master. At the same time, through many versions, Ke No Tolerance nerfed terrible experience at the stage of the road so players need higher understanding, careful, skillful in the game the first time. Earn to die

Yasuo possesses capabilities similar road weak and needs a certain period amounts to an area of the damaging tornado hit Storm Sword (Q) No. 3. in addition, the requirements subtle, ingenious in regulating usually attacks with tactics, flexibility Search for Scan technique (E) is another unsolvable problem with Ke No Tolerance. Therefore, Yasuo club-status right from the first level is not new to gamers all over the world as well as the water.

Add an extra allocation, Yasuo burden usually have had, players usually generals frequently there are situations "Delusions of power," a few people working on the enemy team balance and then evaporated on the counting table. Then, Yasuo utter need to farm, leaving the team in the community should hopeless gamer League of Legends Yasuo really not very much liked though Minister Ke No Tolerance of extremely strong late-game. Limbo