Wednesday, June 8, 2016


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OTTTD will probably be the most ridiculous product every virtual world with the throw the player into a context where peace is on the throne, threatening to thousands, tens of thousands of lives of troops when they have to make their push to the summer city of begging the guys across the street. But now the opportunity to of them back with high career was coming when the trans port scene space open to attack for can form enough jerk from life, shark, the machines until the super giant chariot oodles. Earn to die

OTTTD's graphics are placed in a quite nice 3D picture, where his point through the contrasting tones combined with bright, stylish design possibly spiffy animation network. However, adding to the fight scene from the blood, body parts littered the red dye route, really has a frenetic atmosphere pedigree, dramatic and extremely intense battle.

However, his form of carries a game style was terribly familiar, but soon OTTTD property for themselves a renovation, a repurposed creation opens new revolution. Parallel with the background graphics are quite eye-catching, this will become an indispensable treasures in the treasure room.
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