Friday, April 22, 2016

Knights Invasion

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Knights Invasion is a shooting and strategy games tower defense challenges to accurate and based on older children, where you play the role of a skilled archer and protect those who have to protect long medieval Castle to protect your kingdom from waves of invading knights. You have to remove the rechargeable bunch of armored knights before they reach your castle walls. the existence of the kingdom are at your skillful hands! earn to die

Reasons to play action games medieval combat this package: the skills and strategies to coordinate Exercise your defenses when you try to cleverly and carefully shoot arrows at invading troops knights team. If you want a high-octane, non-stop action to protect, you are in for a treat! Strategy to win: A cool head, ready to fight well, and the high degree of skill mouse clicks are all necessary attributes required here if you want to become a hero of defense. Pick out the most dangerous enemy first at any time is extremely important, so the decisions and preferences of our skills is paramount. Discipline and determination endless natural to a top. dangerous dan legends of seven seas