Monday, May 9, 2016


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Start the game, the player is taken to a strange world where not accompanied by any explanation. No specific shape, boys in Limbo show up simply as a black ball with eyes of two small bright spot. Also the eyes is to distinguish you from the rest of the world in Limbo, the world that encapsulate only has 2 colors: black and white. earn to die

Complete game does not give the player the storyline, suggest or any instructions. You will really feel "survive" when going from one place to another, passing this to the pitfalls of other pitfalls ... They are especially attractive players.

However, color in Limbo will make you have to surprise with the depth and appeal of it. Step through the abandoned factories, dilapidated cities ... players are feeling the cold, wilderness of this place. That feeling is rising high with black and white tones that Limbo brought. More than that, the images in the game always chubby blur, smudge-free entry as these videos are old. This was a great lighting effect makes the world where this section. warbits