Thursday, April 28, 2016

Joan Mad Run

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Classic 2D graphics with the same unique shooting game combined run endless, Joan the Mad Run surely will make many gamers passionately.Reportedly, Joan the Mad Run is an interesting combination between the fast-paced shooter genre and gameplay run endless from the Visual Developer Happymagenta-stand behind the success of the Tom of the Mask or Into The Dim. Accordingly, this mobile game will officially be released on iOS devices on 3 May to. Earn to die play

Revealed for the first time from 2013 but not until now, Joan the Mad Run on designation of new launches after the difficult production funding. The context in the game talk about an endless escape of the prisoners from the female captive of the hordes of evil warden and from there explored the dark mystery behind this place.Basically, the gameplay in Joan's Mad Run is similar to the game run endlessly already too familiar with the community of gamers. In it, the essential task of the player is his character control running "Shu", jump, slide, move up and down the lane to collect equipment, items or gold coins to unlock more power-ups. Dota 2

Along with that, the game combines role-playing elements to the fast-paced shooter take the player has just overcome obstacles, deadly traps and have to beat hordes of the warden, the terrorist boss out of the way by a multitude of weapons as laser guns, flamethrowers, machine gun ammo Chase, ...Joan Mad Run requires the player to focus with altitude really making his despatch to reflexes can pass grade class floor challenge was posed. The game design was optimized for mobile platform with easy control. Besides the classic 2D graphics make the player associated to the game "four" button.

In General, not just own addictive retro graphics, Joan the Mad Run longer blow a new series run endlessly with sugar run divided into 3 unique lane put you into role-playing the bombardment of dramatic and compelling. Expected, Joan the Mad Run will be released free of charge on the iOS on 03/05/2016 to.