Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sumo Run

Post oleh : Candy Sim | Rilis : 6:37:00 PM | Series :
Sumo Run is a wild and wacky 'running endless', survival-based game where you must guide a sumo wrestler surprisingly agile through a side-scrolling, courses or afraid of difficulties. With the ultimate goal to survive as long as possible, you have to jump from ledge ledge acrobatically while avoiding obstacles that try to stop his sumo superstar in his songs (obstacles including rocks , puddles, and Buddha). See more: Galactic Commandos

Reasons to run and play action game packed: Escape reality a bit, and enjoy the spectacle of sheer sumo wrestlers performing a great pair of mountain drops flips over! Exercise your quick response and observation skills as you try to make your way through the obstacles preventing full. Earn to die 6

Best strategy to win: Tactful timing of your jumps is the key to survival! So, your keyboard control skills have to be ‘on point’ here. The ability to predict what's likely to come next is also important. If you can anticipate when and where the obstacles and ledge-breaks are going to come, you already have an advantage! Earn to die