Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Galactic Commandos

Post oleh : Candy Sim | Rilis : 6:32:00 PM | Series :
Save the planet from a war alien invasion: Galactic Commandos is a cool, teamwork-based adventures and alien shooting game and defense strategy, where you must guide the three click 'hero' through a series of different levels of action packed on a mission to infiltrate an alien spaceship - with the overall objective of saving the earth from been invaded. Switch seamlessly between 'Scout', 'Shield' and 'H.Weap', and use the unique attributes of each hero to eliminate your robot enemies, and to flip switches, solving puzzles , and more like that. Earn to die

 Earn to die 6 Fast reactions, smart character management, and good strategy and decision making skills are all vital here to your commando team's success. Use logical thinking to carefully figure out which specific hero should be used for which task. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from your mistakes if you want to progress far into the alien spaceship's depths to win the day!  See more: The magician in Dragon Age