Friday, April 15, 2016

Drive to the box in Ignition 2 game

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If you are looking for an exciting fun game, then you must try playing Ignition 2 game. This second sequel brings you more excitement and adrenaline rush. And there is no stress or pressure involved; you will only have fun playing. You will drive the little black car to the box at the other end. But you only have a limited time so you have to be quick. But do not crash the car too much for you also have a limited life. Earn to die 5

You will find your life bar at the upper right corner of the screen. Under it you will see the time bar. And the last bar, the Part, refers to the part of the game you have completed. Ignition 2 game is an action skill game. Use the up arrow key to accelerate, left and right arrow keys for the car’s direction. Earn to die 6

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