Monday, April 18, 2016

5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Video Game Development Chris Reed MORE ARTICLES

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How people perceive these jobs can vary significantly from what it's really like to work in jobs. game development is no exception. The developers toiled away for years to make a good and exciting game but once they release it to consumers it will become a talking point in the comment section and on media social media. Usually the players use the platform to talk about what a developer needs to do, or how easy it would have to make a clear fix. earn to die
It’s time we got a little perspective into what actually goes on during video game development. Here are five myths about making video games, and why they’re not true.ut!! K.O. in the video below. Earn to die 3
You hear this kind of stuff on social media all the time: “How could they release the game in this state? Don’t they know it’s bad? Did they actually think this was good?”

The truth is that developers know when a game is bad. They released it because there’s some reason the game had to be pushed out the door. Maybe the developer was running out of money. Maybe the publisher needed a boost to its quarterly financial report.

Every game that comes from a decent-sized company is released with full knowledge of the kind of reception it will receive. That’s because the game has already been play tested and has undergone at least one mock review session. Developers and publishers know when a game isn’t ready. If they release it in that condition, it’s because they have to.