Friday, April 8, 2016

A whole new way of organizing with Park This Boat

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Parking is an important skill that most people who drive vehicles must have. This is integral because of three reasons. First is because it is essential in the system of traffic and road paths and ways. Second is because it organizes every vehicle existing at the moment. Last is because of the fact that it shows one’s discipline and ability to follow rules and law. This article presents a flash game that involves parking. The name of the game is Park This Boat. There are two things that are unique in this flash entertainment medium. First is because the vehicle that the players will be handling is a boat. Second is the location where they will park it which is on water instead of land that we normally see and do on a daily basis with our land vehicles. Earn to die 5

If you want to engage with this game, you must be aware of the goal that you have to achieve. You are going to park a ship or a boat towards the designated area of parking. Use the arrow keys to move and control the ship. Make sure that you will not crash them or else, you will lose a live. There are three lives for you to enjoy in each level. Earn to die 6

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